New endorsements for What is Philanthropy?

The documentary received two new, very kind letters of support.  Dr. Ramya Ramanath is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Service, at DePaul University, in Chicago, Illinois.  Her letter of support states, “I teach and research about philanthropy and can therefore confidently attest to the importance of this work. There is great need for a resource that explains, plainly and powerfully, the varied meanings and motivations of giving and volunteering. This documentary would be an invaluable learning tool in colleges and universities for students and faculty alike.”

Luana Nissan is the Director of The Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Institute for Philanthropy and Service Learning at The Westminster Schools, and the Coordinator of the national Philanthropy Education and Service Learning Consortium.  Ms. Nissan’s letter states, “I know that when completed, ‘What is Philanthropy?’ will be utilized by faculty involved in our philanthropy courses at the Westminster schools and in programs of independent schools in our Philanthropy Education and Service Learning Consortium. I believe teachers in these schools will find this a foundational tool to introduce philanthropy and begin a more holistic discussion about it in their classrooms and communities.”

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