Amber Kriech touches our hearts and minds

Amber Kriech, a high school student from the Indianapolis, Indiana area, is an inspiration for all young people and anyone considering how they can impact society and the lives of others. Service has been a big part of Amber’s life exemplified by her earning both the Girl Scout Gold Award and the Power of Children Award from The Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Amber also received the All-American High School Service Team Award from Parade Magazine and Points of Light Institute in August, 2011.  The award recognizes 15 outstanding youth making a difference all across the country, and Amber won the first team place in economics for her work with homeless youth.

She is quick, however, to tell you that it’s not about earning awards.  It’s about inspiring others to give and contribute which she makes sure to do in all her service endeavors. The crew of What is Philanthropy? had the pleasure of meeting Amber and her family, and Amber showed us two of her most recent projects. One was a library at the East Tenth United Methodist Children & Youth Center, “a safe place where the spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical needs of children, youth, and their families are responded to in a holistic approach.” Thanks to Amber’s project, these children now have a place where they can read books and others can read to them.

Amber reads to a child at grand opening of the library

Amber builds bookcases for the new library

Outreach, Inc.“reaches out with the love of Christ to help homeless and runaway youth find a safer and more stable life.” Amber realized that these youth needed a quiet, soothing place where they could relax, reflect and contemplate. Similar to the library, Amber was not intimidated about the construction that was necessary to convert the upper floor of Outreach, Inc.’s building.

Amber's vision becomes reality

Amber prepares framing for the new room

You, too can be impressed and inspired by Amber when you visit her web site Good Heart Good Works.

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