What is philanthropy to you?

What do you think of when you hear the word philanthropy? What does philanthropy mean to you? Please share your perspectives, thoughts and stories.

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2 Responses to What is philanthropy to you?

  1. Deanna Demory says:

    It means a giving of one’s resources, either time, voice or money, to a cause seen as beneficial for the greater community good.

  2. Philanthropy is sharing one’s resources but it also delves into one’s passion to create and enhance civil society. In the US there are many historic exemplars-from minute men, midwifery, and orphanages to abolition, workers rights and the various corps (Peace, Freedom) movements. It is part of who we are in ideology and in practice. Most of us have been touched many times by philanthropic donors- we belong to a church, enjoyed being a girl scout, parted with some coins to a person in need or have been escorted to a hospital room. Philanthropy is one tool we use to make this world a bit more hospitable and enhance the quality of life–which has a great effect on all of us.

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