Two new endorsements for What is Philanthropy?

Robert Ashcraft is the Executive Director of the Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation at Arizona State University.  Dr. Ashcraft had these kind words to say about the documentary, “A call for such an idea would gain traction across centers like ours at ASU. To be sure, such a film would be of enormous value to students and faculty who study our field.  But an equally promising outcome is the value such a film would have more largely to the field of practice and to communities at large given the potential this idea has to inform practice, influence public policy and otherwise shapr our understanding.”

Kent Intermediate School Distict (ISD) in metro Grand Rapids serves almost 400 schools, more than 120,000 students and 7,000 educators.  Steve Dieleman, from Kent ISD’s Instructional Services kindly states, “Based on a preliminary review of the documentary What is Philanthropy?, Kent ISD recognizes the value of the production. The documentary helps students and educators understand the tradition, and importance of philanthropy in the community. The production helps students and educators understand the need to give something back to the community.  Kent ISD appreciates multiple aspects of philanthropy illustrated in the documentary.”

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