Two new endorsements for What is Philanthropy?

Mary Tschirhart is a professor of Public Administration and the Director of the Institute for Nonprofits at North Carolina State University. Dr. Tschirhart offered these comments, “Video clips from your documentary remind us of how philanthropy is understood and carried out in the United States. By sharing the philanthropists’ stories, you not only offer a teaching tool, but one that can inspire action.”

Nancy T. Kinney is an Associate Professor in Political Science and Public Policy Administration and the Academic Director of the Nonprofit Management and Leadership (NPML) program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Dr. Kinney was kind enough to share some of the documentary footage with her students. “I took the opportunity to share a short segment from Dr. Alaimo’s work with a class of students who have newly embarked on a study of the philanthropic sector this semester. I was impressed by how quickly even a brief visualization of philanthropic activity helped them integrate important but previously abstract ideas about giving. A few of their comments bear this out:

  • ‘It is important that philanthropic efforts be recognized as critical to our system in that they fill the gap between what the market can’t profit from and what the government cannot come to consensus on.’
  • ‘I really liked how the funder’s story and the organization/volunteer’s stories were brought together to show how philanthropic efforts can shape a community.’
  • ‘I think the various ways the video conveys philanthropy [showed] the many relationships involved as well as the people who were affected and the difference it makes.’

Video is a time-intensive and costly medium, especially as viewer expectations of quality have increased with the widespread availability of new technology. Dr. Alaimo’s project has the potential to reach a wide audience and deliver an important message. I trust that his project will secure the kind of support that will help him bring his visionary plans to completion.”

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