May 16 event raises $15,000

An event held on May 16 raised to date $15,000 thanks to the surprising lead gift of $10,000 from the Tassell-Wisner-Bottrall Foundation and other generous donations.  The new trailer, which will be soon featured on this web site, was unveiled and several guest speakers endorsed the film.  Marc Hardy, the director of Nonprofit Executive Education at the University of Notre Dame, praised the documentary and its potential use as a learning tool in higher education saying, “When I look at this video, as an educator, it gives me a tool to say to students, this is what philanthropy is.  These are the many faces of philanthropy.”  Barbara Dillbeck and Betsy Flikkema from Generation On spoke about how the documentary will be used with the Learning to Give curriculum in K-12 schools across the country.

Executive Producer Alaimo had this to say about the event, “The generosity has been overwhelming and the success of the event is yet another indicator of the increasing momentum of the documentary as it continues to garner support, gain media attention and resonate with future users of the film.  The gift from the family foundation was a pleasant surprise and served as affirmation from people who believe in the concept and purpose of the film.  Special thanks go out to Michelle Bottrall and Patty Haan for helping organize the event.  Working with them was such a pleasure.”

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