New endorsement from University of Connecticut

David Garvey, Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Program, in the Department of Public Policy, at the University of Connecticut provides the following kind words for the documentary in his letter of support:

“To produce a documentary on philanthropy at this point is both timely and important to our culture and civil society in the United States and globally. American’s see philanthropy as a far off activity for only the wealthy with often the tarnish impression of just tax breaks as the incentive. When, actually philanthropy is a tool for action for all members of society.”

“Even in this period of world economic difficulty, philanthropy is growing strong, and it is
reaching back into the family culture in America and around the world. This is why
Professor Alaimo’s documentary is so important and has a real chance to contribute
significantly to the public’s understanding of this renewed philanthropic trend and can
support its growth.  Higher education and other sectors of our society need these tools to teach and illustrate the practice, personal benefits and social impact of giving. If produced, we plan to incorporate this documentary in all aspects of our teaching at the University of Connecticut Nonprofit Leadership Program—from program’s designed for university students, community organizations, practicing nonprofit professionals, board members to the general public. I hope you can help make this documentary a reality.”

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