How would you use an educational documentary on philanthropy?

When I conceived the idea for What is Philanthropy? back in the fall of 2008 I imagined the film being viewed by people of all ages who may be engaged in or developing their own form of giving. While philanthropy is arguably portrayed and discussed more now than ever before, to a large extent it still remains narrowly perceived or misunderstood. I have often thought that people involved in carpentry or accounting don’t have this difficulty in explaining their fields. My ultimate focus for using the film in higher education and K-12 schools as a teaching and learning tool remains, and will become reality soon. However, in the past four years I have received a few suggestions for other ways the film could make an impact on individuals discovering philanthropy for the first time or potentially expanding their views of what philanthropy can be. I would like to hear your ideas for how you would use a documentary on philanthropy. Leave a comment below describing where and how you might be able to use the film.

Thank you for your contribution to spreading What is Philanthropy? to forums where the film will make the most impact! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Salvatore Alaimo
Executive Producer

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3 Responses to How would you use an educational documentary on philanthropy?

  1. We plan to show the “What is Philanthropy?” film at professional development sessions for educators and representatives from community based organizations. The film will help schools and community agencies recognize their common goals and objectives. We will encourage showing the film to students involved in Project Based Service – Learning initiatives in schools and neighborhoods. After watching and discussing the film, students and teachers will understand: (1) The relationship between Project Based Service – Learning and Philanthropy (2) Service to the community is a life-long commitment and process (3) Giving back to the community has multiple forms and expressions. (4) All citizens have the ability and responsibility to make a valuable contribution to their city, state, nation and world.

  2. Patty Haan says:

    I will think about this more, but the first thing that comes to mind, are the many uses in faith-based organizations. Many churches have a Sunday School before or after or between services. The youth usually have a curriculum that’s followed during the year, but for “adult Sunday School,” the organizers are always looking for interesting topics and speakers, etc. A 30-40 minute version of the film would be excellent for this purpose. Also, many many churches and youth organizations organize mission trips. A 10-15 minute version of the film would be a great to show at the first informational meeting to get everyone asking, “why are we going on this trip?”

  3. Bridget Knight says:

    I would definitely use this film if you think it would be appropriate for K-12 viewers. I am the AmeriCorps Vista at United Way and I implement service learning in K-12 schools all over West Michigan. Teaching about what philanthropy is, is a good portion of my job.

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