Producer Alaimo visits Westwood High School

Dr. Alaimo and Dr. Cascone

Producer Salvatore Alaimo (l) and Principal Scott Cascone (r)

March 3, 2015 – Producer Salvatore Alaimo visited his high school in Westwood, New Jersey where he graduated back in 1983.  He met with the school’s principal Scott Cascone and he spoke to two of Jody Lazarski’s digital media classes. Principal Cascone gave him a tour of the school which has undergone some changes since his graduation of almost 32 years ago.  “The lockers have changed, the gym looked brand new and they have a new sports field out back,” commented Alaimo.  “The food choices have not only expanded since my time, but they’re much healthier today. It was also great to see they still have the shop classes, and I was impressed with the jewelery on display that the students had made.  When I went to school there we didn’t have all the computers in the classrooms, so it was obvious technology has had a great impact on educational instruction and the students’ learning experiences.”

sal and jodi

Producer Alaimo with Jody Lazarski

Sal Alaimo

Producer Alaimo speaking to the ninth grade digital media class at Westwood HS

Alaimo talked to Ms. Lazarski’s class about producing the documentary and answered their questions. The students watched the trailer and then he answered their questions.  Alaimo also viewed some of the students’ work. “It was great to see what those ninth graders have created and that Ms. Lazarski has taught them the various types of camera shots they used in their short films,” said Alaimo.

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2 Responses to Producer Alaimo visits Westwood High School

  1. salaimo says:

    Great. Hysterical! Yes, I watched that show as a youngster. Thanks Ryan for helping bring back memories of my youth.

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