Producer donates short clips to Learning to Give

What is Philanthropy? producer Salvatore Alaimo donated 30 short clips of documentary footage to Learning to Give. Learning to Give (LTG) is an online philanthropy curriculum resource that “equips K-12 teachers to educate students as philanthropists with knowledge, skills, and behavior to be more compassionate and engaged citizens and lifelong givers of time, talent, and treasure.” The clips which range from 45 seconds to just over 13 minutes in length and average about 3 1/2 minutes long, will be added to LTG’s vast array of lesson plans, project ideas, learning modules and other resources teachers can access to use in their classes.  LEARNING TO GIVE logo

Producer Alaimo stated, “I have been familiar with Learning to Give since 2004 and I have been impressed with the quality of content available for K-12 teachers.  Betsy Peterson, their executive director, is committed to growing these available resources not just in terms of quantity but also in quality.  The 30 clips will be eventually uploaded to the LTG site on a dedicated YouTube channel.  About a third of them are pieced together from footage contained in the feature length documentary, a third of them from the 40 hours of footage that didn’t make the final finished product, and a third that is mixed.”

This project wouldn’t be possible without a dedicated grant from the Tassell-Wisner-Bottrall Foundation. “The foundation had supported the feature length film and when they heard about my idea to edit short clips for Learning to Give, they stepped up once again,” said Alaimo.  “I am forever grateful for their generosity and interest in philanthropy education.”

Producer Alaimo also thanks Aaron Bannasch and Jim Schaub who edited the clips.  The folks at LTG are working on lesson plans, project ideas, discussion questions and other content to go along with each clip.  Alaimo reiterated that he was glad that the extra footage could still be used in a productive way. Stay tuned for the announcement for when the clips will go live on the LTG site!

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